Trademark Law Firm

At Forward Mark, a real attorney will file your trademark application for only $99!*  That is much less than the cost of LegalZoom ($169*), where your application is NOT filed by an attorney, and Trademarkia ($159*).  Forward Mark’s Premium Package also offers a full trademark search/registration and opinion letter for only $399.*  trademark law firmYou would have to spend hundreds of dollars more elsewhere to get the same services.  Go ahead and compare the value you get at Forward Mark with other companies and law firms, then move forward with Forward Mark.

Why can we offer our services at a cost so much lower than other law firms (or even trademark companies, for that matter)?  

1. Forward Mark is a small, boutique, virtual law firm. Accordingly, fees do not have to be distributed among several law firm partners and law firm associates.

2. Forward Mark is a law firm that focuses only on trademark searches and trademark registrations. Because of that, time and money does not have to be allocated among its multiple practice areas.

3. Forward Mark has very low overhead costs. For example, Forward Mark does not lease a large office building or have hundreds of employees on its payroll. Forward Mark passes along its cost-savings to its clients. That’s why we can file you trademark application for only $99 (plus government fee).

4. Because we can. We will search your trademark, send you a trademark search report and/or trademark registration opinion letter, and register your trademark. Need to trademark your new product name? We can help. What about your smart phone app or your band name? We can do that too. Whether it’s a word, logo, or something else, we can help you.

Simply put, we are dedicated to changing the perception that high-quality legal services must come with a high price tag.  The real question you should be asking is why are others charging so much?


*Plus the Government application fee