Trademark Your Band Name

Trademark, Copyright, or Patent Your Band Name?

trademark bandIt can be a bit confusing, but band names are generally protected by trademark law, not copyrights or patents.  The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office allows bands to register their trademark band names, and a Forward Mark trademark attorney can work with your band and the Trademark Office to make sure your band’s trademark becomes secure.

You probably use your band name on clothing and other merchandise. If you don’t trademark it, you might get stuck having to change your band name or trying to get another band to change its name. Forward Mark can help you make sure your trademark band name is exclusive to you, and help your band not get confused with other bands. Contact us or just click on the File Now button to have a Forward Mark attorney help you trademark your band name.

We know, it almost seems too good to be true.  But with Forward Mark you really will get high-quality legal services without the high price tag.  How can we do it? Here are just a few reasons.